Avant Art Festival Warsaw
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The Nihilist Church – Poland 2137

The usefulness of conservative attitudes acts as a brake on the accelerating machinery of progress. Used with caution, it allows one to control the course. Pressed too hard, it ends tragically. We have reached the point where stopping completely and taking a step back can only mean death, and yet we so often look back to long gone, extremely destructive narratives.
The exhibition project is an attempt to formulate a vision of the future based on the fusion of a radical transhumanist revolution and the Catholic-national paradigm represented by the current ruling party. Someone once said that there is no place for post-internet art and spreading futurological concepts in a country of forty million people, which has two subway lines. Nevertheless, we will try to meet the expectations of the government, which is meddling more and more in the world of contemporary art. Poska 2137 is the world of a cyberpunk PiS Poland of the 22nd century.

Brothers and sisters:

Paweł Baśnik

Justyna Baśnik Adrzejewska

Nikita Krzyżanowska

Jędrzej Sierpiński

Bartosz Zaskórski



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