Avant Art Festival Wrocław
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Teoniki Rożynek (PL)

Teoniki Rożynek (born in 1991) is a composer of contemporary, theater and film music. She places particular emphasis on electronic sound design and experiments with defects and audience perception. She performs live – nowadays with a computer, formerly with a violin.

Teoniki Rożynek (born 1991) graduated from Composition at the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw. Her music seems to stem from her youthful experience of playing the violin and old synthesisers: the former allows the shaping of sound freely and changing it over time; the latter offers various, sometimes accidental, deformations and defects. The ‘Hackomposer’ is greatly inspired by similar flawed sounds (Palinopsia) and thinks in terms of sound layers and their flows (Halocline II). Her early electro-acoustic pieces have a distinctly psychedelic or narrative character (T.R.I.P.), and Rożynek remained faithful to the concept of sound design (bol) outlined in them. It is based on carefully processed and edited samples, film-like contrasts and powerful bass on the one hand and the tiniest ASMR sounds on the other (the most satisfying music). The dialogue between real and virtual instruments (bilokacja) and the electronics surrounding them (deep-frozen_2/17) also play an important role.






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